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About the Artist

  Hello!! Thank you for visiting my page 🌙🥰. My name is Audrey and I am the jewelry designer and owner at Muse of the Moon. 

I am a veterinary assistant by trade. I absolutely loved my career and animal care is still a passion for me. Animals and nature are my entire life! Covid unfortunately caused me to become unemployed, so during my quarantine time I started making jewelry which has always been an outlet for me. 

I started this journey because I could NOT find any anklets that fit me! They would always be too small or break right away after one day of wear. So I made anklets that actually fit me. I posted them in a few Facebook groups and then I started to see a pattern with body jewelry for plus size people. We all struggled with the same issue, stuff actually fitting!! There was nothing that was truly dedicated to fit everyone! 

This issue as a whole with the plus size community made me realize I could help with that problem. So, I make everything to your measurements. No matter what size shape or gender 🥰🙏. Everyone deserves something pretty that fits them! Not to mention some thing  that won’t make your skin break out (skin issues are no fun) or break. My pieces are made with high grade stainless steel, sterling silver and real gold. Never anything else. 

 My jewelry is made to help promote self-confidence and body positivity. I’ve struggled with body dysmorphia all of my life but these chain pieces helped me break that cycle. Th way they accent the right parts is truly amazing.

I put my soul into each piece I make for it to be as special as possible for you. Everything is made to order just for you. 

I hope your piece brings you and/or your loved one the amount of joy it brought me creating it.

With love and many blessings 

Audrey, owner of Muse of the Moon